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Poppy’s Place Restaurant
12 Verbena Avenue
Floral Park, NY 11001

Stop in and visit us at Poppy’s Home Decor if you’re in the area!  Enjoy a delicious lunch or snack at Picadilly Square….

Our mission is to rescue, re-habilitate and re-home unwanted and abandoned animals irrespective of age, appearance or medical needs. We believe that all animals deserve a chance to have a happy and safe future in a loving and caring home. We work extremely hard to take animals in need into our care, restore their health, their trust in us and to find them homes where they will feel happiest. We are absolutely a 100% non-destruct organisation, unless absolutely medically necessary. This means that we will not disregard or give up on an animal because of it’s age, appearance or medical needs. We go the extra mile to return any animal in our care back to their full strength and health, giving them a second chance in life that they may not have had before.
We take great pride in our level of care, for both you and your pet. We want your pet to be well cared for and pampered; we work hard to ensure that the grooming is a pleasant experience.
We’re happy to accept all breeds of dog or cat and offer specialised, bespoke grooming services that are uniquely tailored to the particulars of each breed. With over 15 years of experience, you ca count on us to provide the perfect cut for your pet.
Popi’s Place is a neighborhood gathering place where there’s something for everyone at any time of the day.
A family restaurant that bridges the gap between tablecloth restaurants and fast food. Our attentive staff will ensure an experience that exceeds expectations. All this – at reasonable prices – makes Popi’s Place the perfect place for any occasion.

Hi everyone,

I hope you will enjoy my place and my photos, I am looking forward to visits from friends, old and new.

Welcome to My Place!

I’m Poppy and thanks for visiting my place.  Here’s a bit of info about me, if you want to join in my adventures you can become my friend by joining my Club or following my Facebook page.

I was born in sunny Western Australia and I’m a Miniature Schnauzer. I love to play dress-up but sometimes my family gets upset when I play with their clothes. Like one time my Uncle Richard left his new shoes by the front door and when no one was looking I ate one of them. Another time my Aunty Toni came to stay and I borrowed her bras and buried them in the garden so I could play with them later. After I ate Mum’s new high heels, she decided it was time I got my own clothes and stopped using theirs. We searched high and low for a brand that matched what my Mum says is my ‘unique spirit’. But we couldn’t find anything. So, we set to work designing a collection of garments that are quirky and individual – just like me!

A Poppy’s Place is an assisted living home located in the Denver / Centennial, Colorado area.

We provide a full spectrum of assisted care services.  Personalized attention is given when assisting our residents with bathing, dressing, meals, medication monitoring, ambulation and other unique needs.

If you would like to be included in this list, please email